There Will be Blood

Daniel Plainview is an interesting character: the one you can’t forget so easily. Daniel Plainview, the character, is in the league with Trevis (Taxi Driver). So, you may judge the class of acting by Daniel Day-Lewis in the portrayal of Daniel Plainview.

In fact, Daniel Day-Lewis received Academy award for his wonderful performance in this movie.

The movie is a clever metaphor for modern era competitiveness by using the illustration of a past world character.

The greed and ambitious nature of Plainview were overshadowed by his wealth and power. The ending is quite open-ended and intentionally kept that way, to mesmerize the already wonderful and smooth movie experience.

The screenplay and direction of the movie are quite commendable.

The most noticeable quote among all the conversations was when Eli said-

I am a false prophet God is a superstition!

All in all,

“There Will Be Blood” is a classy movie with multiple layers of meanings under its purse.